Today it is not enough to make profits, pay taxes and be a good employer. People are concerned by the way companies and organisations behave. They often form their judgement via newspaper, radio or television interviews. Giving an effective media interview can therefore do your organisation some good. This applies when there's good news to tell, when there is a difficult issue to handle or when something has gone wrong.

But to do it clearly, concisely and credibly needs the right training. That's where we come in.

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Today a meeting can hardly be called a meeting without someone giving a presentation! Most people spend most of their time preparing PowerPoint slides and very little on what they are going to say and how they are going to say it. The result? Audiences frequently don't understand what they hear, are confused or bored and don't remember anything afterwards. That's where John Huntley Training comes in. We enable you to give memorable presentations - with or without PowerPoint!

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